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Men's Health Wellness Box

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Let's face it, guys. We don't always take the best care of ourselves. We work hard and we play hard. Our bodies need all the help they can get, so take care of yours and keep your mojo working the way it should naturally with the Men's Health Wellness Box!

I don't know about you, but I need an easy button! One of my favorites is known as the Monthly Wellness Box. Simply choose an area of health to work on or a lifestyle need that fits your home and family, add the products to your subscription to earn Loyalty Rewards, and enjoy all the benefits of the amazing products you've chosen showing up on your doorstep each month!


WHAT'S IN THE BOX Shutran Item #4835 An empowering essential oil blend specially formulated for men to boost feelings of masculinity and confidence, Shutran is perfect for use as a cologne that appeals to both men and women. This blend of Idaho Blue Spruce, Ocotea, Ylang Ylang, Hinoki, Cedarwood, Lemon, and Northern Lights Black Spruce helps promote hormonal balance and feelings of confidence.

  • Apply 2-4 drops 2 times daily or as needed to the neck or wrists.

PowerGize Item #4748 PowerGize is an incredible hormone and vitality supplement infused with Blue Spruce, Goldenrod, and Cassia essential oils and is a great choice to help individuals of all ages boost stamina and performance. PowerGize helps sustain energy levels, strength, mental and physical vibrancy, and vitality when used in addition to physical activity. It is also formulated with ashwagandha root extract, which is touted for its properties that support immunity, mental clarity, concentration, antioxidant support and alertness. Overall it's a great supplement!

  • Take 2 capsules daily.

Cypress Item #3530 Cypress has a fresh, herbaceous aroma that can promote a sense of security and grounding. It is a wonderful oil to use as a cologne, to support healthy muscles and joints, for reducing the appearance of blemishes and promoting the appearance of healthy-looking hair. Cypress is also great at promoting healthy circulation.

  • Massage Cypress onto legs and feet at the end of the day.
  • Use as a cologne.

Ningxia Red 30-count Singles Item #3525 Ningxia Red is a whole food supplement drink made from wolf berries—also known as goji berries—that is a nutrient powerhouse. NingXia Red is full of antioxidants (carotenoids like zeaxanthin and precursors to vitamin C), amino acids (yeah, every essential one), fiber, and fatty acids. And they taste like a mix between cherries and cranberries. A delicious way to support your health everyday!

  • Drink 1-2 packets per day, alone or in a spritzer!
  • NingXia Spritzer: 1 packet NingXia Red + 1 can sparkling water + 2 drops Tangerine Vitality. Optional add-ins: NingXia Greens, NingXia Nitro, Golden Turmeric Powder

Master Formula Item #5292 Master Formula is a daily must have -- it is the Young Living equivalent of a multivitamin! This full-spectrum, multinutrient complex provides premium vitamins, minerals, and food-based nutrients to support general health and well-being. Not only is it an exceptional formula of necessary vitamins and minerals, it includes antioxidants and essential oils that further increase the absorption of all those wonderfully good things.

  • Take 1 packet (1 liquid capsule, 1 caplet, 2 capsules) daily with water or with 1–2 oz. of NingXia Red.